The secret to getting a good night’s sleep.

Practice before bed hygiene so you can wake up feeling and looking refreshed.


If you are prone to insomnia, try to have your dinner earlier to allow your body to fully digest the food in your system. If you are unable to adjust your dinner time, try to have something light and easily digested for dinner. When we go to bed feeling full, our body uses energy for digestion, which prevents our body from going into full resting mode, as a result you may wake up feeling like you were “half asleep”.

Another tip is to try to have a cup of herbal tea after your dinner – pepper mint tea helps with digestion and decongestion, great option for after a heavy meal. Chamomile or rose teas help with anxiety, balances our hormones and soothes our nervous system helping us relax before bed.


Avoiding electronics such as scrolling through our cellphones is very widely known fact backed by many studies, but how many people actually have the discipline to do it? Studies prove that two or more hours of screen time in the evening or right before bed time can seriously disrupt the melatonin levels needed to fall sleep. At the minimum, try to set your phone to night mode and make a serious effort to avoid using it 30 minutes before bed. Instead, spend 15 – 30 minutes before bed by treating yourself to a nice bath which will promote good circulation and relaxation in your body.


Ideal sleeping environment should be a bedroom that is quiet, dark, relaxing, and at a comfortable temperature. Tips for creating a soothing bed time environment:

  1. Choose breathable blankets such as silk or linen.
  2. Setting your room temperature to around 65 degrees farenheitor 18 degrees celcius.
  3. Reduce noises
  4. Using black out curtains
  5. Re-assess your mattress and pillows

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