Petroleum Jelly usages that you had no idea about

An OG moisturizer that’s sold across the globe since being patented in year 1865. Composed of mineral oils and wax, has multiple uses from your basic beauty needs to random hacks.

1. Prevents hair dye to stain your skin along hairline

2. Removes eyelash glue for false eyelashes

3. Making your own beauty product, usually for diluting ingredients of high concentration

4. Helps prevent diaper rashes for your baby

5. Cleaning out blackheads on your nose

6. Lubricate door / cabinet hinges

7. Locks in moisture in skin when you use it as an emollient on top of your serums and creams (recommended for dry skin only)

8. Rehydrate nails and reduce cuticles

9. Preps skin for perfume – dab a little of vasaline on your skin / pulse points where you normally spritz your favorite fragrance

10. Stain remover that works on skin, clothes, blankets, wood and countertops.

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